What Parents Are Saying About Parent Pass™

  • December 05, 2023

The Parent Pass™ app is a free, first-of-its-kind app designed by parents, for parents, to provide them with information and resources they need as a parent in Fort Worth. Parent Pass™ app grew to over 8.8k users and has expanded to include all of Tarrant County. The app provides the opportunity for parents to connect with other parents while gaining instant access to educational opportunities and key resources for families and children from birth through high school.  

Parent Pass™ app includes unique features such as a local child care finder, a calendar of free neighborhood events and programs, free mental health and wellness resources, at-home child learning activities and resources, and much more.  

Parent feedback has been the driving force in enhancing the user’s experience on the app. This year, Parent Pass™ app partnered with eight community organizations to work with local parents through quarterly feedback sessions. The feedback provided has created new user-friendly features that include: 

  • Content Boost – Partnerships with PBS Kids and Cook Children’s Health Plan 
  • Gallery Views with icons for EXPLORE and CONNECTS 
  • The PREP weekly newsletter 
  • TOP 5 Daily Events  
  • 70+ Active Community Partners 
  • Parent Created Content through CHAT 
  • Customized Notifications 

Looking ahead, the Parent Pass™ team is excited to continue working with local parents and community partners to ensure the app reflects the local community’s priorities and needs and continues to iterate based on parent and community feedback. Together we are employing a whole-community, whole-child approach to build a more connected and supportive local ecosystem that enables students and families to thrive. 


What Parents Are Saying About Parent Pass™


“I like the information! The not having to go straight to google and wonder what to search for involving children it’s like an electronic book on the go. It’s very helpful!” – Mirna 

“I like that it is a one-stop shop.” – Tami 

“There is so much information within the community, alerts about upcoming events even donations and different information like food banks and health clinics, etc….” – Mariah. 

“I really like the icons. It’s easy to navigate.” – UCC Wesley parent

“I used the app for an event and had about 500 people attend because of it.” AB Christian parent 

“There are notifications of events I wouldn’t otherwise know about.” – Chelsea

“People wished they knew about it way back when they had kids – now have grandkids now. As a single parent, very helpful and useful.” – FW Parent 

“I never had an app that had information in real time about my community. This really excites me.” – Maria