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FIND! Quality Child Care

The Best Place for Kids!® FIND! tool is a FREE local resource allowing parents to search and find all quality child care with open seats for kids 0-12 years of age.


Free Parenting Tips & Community Events

Parents: Text BestPlace4Kids to 274448 for FREE kid-friendly events & information.


Encourage School Readiness

Join us on the Road to Readiness this Summer with Read Fort Worth as we equip families to build the most important skills for grade-readiness at home!


Get FREE Tech Help

Schedule a FREE appointment with our volunteers to get school-related device or technology assistance.


Learn about our community’s dedication to building the Best Place for Kids!® in a message from the Fort Worth Mayor and several partners, click here.

The Best Place for Kids!® effort originated in Fort Worth, Texas due to the ongoing efforts on the ground and the sheer number and need that of families in our area. In 2020, the Best Place for Kids!® effort expanded to offer more tangible resources to families in the broader Tarrant County area. For a recap on our effort to date, click here.

Did you know: Fort Worth has the 2nd highest number of families with children in the nation?

For the sake of sustaining long-term livability and competitiveness as a region, our community comprised of elected leaders, parents, community partners, philanthropy and business leaders, is committed to supporting families. Because, a city that is the Best Place for Kids!® is also the Best Place for Working Parents®.

We exist to ensure every child has access to 1) quality education experiences starting at birth, 2) families are connected with key local resources, and 3) businesses are supported with strategies that benefit working parents AND their bottom line.

Learn about our ongoing family-friend workforce effort – The Best Place for Working Parents®.

Navigating what is best to do for your child, whether that is finding quality child care, health resources or trusted partners to reinforce their development, is complicated. So please, explore the links below – and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions as you do this priceless work of raising healthy kids!

Explore Local Community Resources

Visit the link below for a list of local resources equipped to support families and young children.


High-Quality Childcare Centers

To save you time and hopefully headaches, explore our map of the high-quality* child care centers located across our community.


Summer Kindergarten Program (Free!)

Being deemed "school ready" is a significant indicator of student success. Learn about our 2019 Kindergarten Readiness Program Model that boosted incoming Kindergarteners' verbal, math, reading, writing, and social-emotional skills!


Strong Beginnings for a Brighter Future

Click below for a message from our Mayor and many community partners about our community's ongoing dedication to build the Best Place for Kids!®


We welcome your ideas and feedback as we continue to build the BEST Place for Kids!®