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Week 1

Listen Activity: Cleaning Challenge
After playtime, give your child cleaning steps. First, put up your dolls, Second, make your bed, and third, throw trash away.


Speak Activity: Family Photos
Look through old photos on your phone or in a family photo album with your child. Ask your child, “Who do you see?” What were they doing?” “Where are they/we?” “How do you think they/you/we feel?”


Movement & Coordination Activity: Up
Play this game with a balloon or a ball. Goal: Keep the balloon/ball in the air and not let it touch the ground. Work together and keep count every time someone touches it.


Shapes & Objects Activity: What’s in the Kitchen?
Allow your child to pull out fruits and vegetables from the kitchen. Canned fruits and vegetables can be used. Help your child name the fruits and vegetables and discuss what they look and feel like. Discuss where each comes from. Your child will use their rainbow notebook to draw where the fruits and vegetables come from. (Example: Apple, oranges, bananas are fruits from trees. Potatoes and carrots are root vegetables)


Emotions & Behavior Activity: I Remember When…
Share a memory with your child about a time you felt sad. Allow your child to share a time they felt sad. Talk about what you can do the next time you’re sad. Continue with happy, scared, upset.

Write Activity: Lower-Case Letter Formation
Sing along and workout with Jack Hartmann, click here for the video! Practice lower case letters with arms.


Read Activity: Look at the Book
Hand your child an upside-down book and see what happens. Let your child take the lead in turning the pages. Point out interesting things on the pages. Revisit and reread favorite books often!


Count Activity: Nature Walk
Go on a nature walk with your child around your neighborhood or park.  Count the number of birds you see. When you get to 10, start over. For an added challenge, write the number 10 in your rainbow notebook, and then draw 10 birds.


Relationships Activity: Video Letter
Allow your child to record themselves telling a parent, friend, or family member how their day was.


Health & Hygiene Activity: How do soap and water make us clean?
How does soap work? Find out what really happens when you take a bath! View video here.

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Week 2

Listen Activity: Bear Hunt
Place a bear in any room in your house. Have your child start at the front door.  Give them up to three-step directions to get to the bear. For example, hop to the kitchen, get a juice box from the refrigerator. (Surprise Buddy the Bear is in the fridge!)Speak Activity: Nature Walk & Talk
Take a short walk with your child. Take along a bucket or bag for your child to collect interesting items from nature. When done, talk together about each item by naming it and describing it. 

Movement & Coordination Activity: Torn Paper Art Letters
Using a variety of paper such as construction paper or old newspapers and magazines, have your child to tear the paper into small pieces. Encourage your child to use a little bit of glue to arrange the torn paper into different shapes.


Shapes & Objects Activity: Drive & Talk
Go for a drive with your child. Discuss the weather during your drive. Discuss what your child’s favorite weather to play outside is and why.


Emotions & Behavior Activity: Name That Emotion with Murray
Click here to play the game with Murray. Try to figure out what emotion the contestants are feeling.

Write Activity: Writing!
Allow your child to use their rainbow notebook and draw a picture. When done, have them label or write words that go with their drawing. For an added challenge, have your child share their drawing/writing during lunch or dinner time.


Read Activity: Story Elements
Listen to the story element video, then play a character!


Count Activity: Count the Rooms
Count the chairs in the room and then put your hands on your head.  Continue with different objects in the room. (Windows, tables, picture frames). Write the numbers 1-10 in your rainbow notebook. For an added challenge, draw objects!


Relationships Activity: Indoor Camping
Set up a tent indoor or build a fort. Sit inside with camp snacks! Tell stories around a pretend campfire.


Health & Hygiene Activity: Dental Health
Hard boil an egg ahead of time. Place the egg in soda for a day. The next day, talk about why we should keep our teeth clean and how to clean them. Take the yellow egg out and a toothbrush with a little toothpaste on it.   Allow your child to brush the egg and remove the stains.

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Parents: Together with your child, take this 3-question quiz after completing your activities to receive your child’s own Road to Readiness Certificate of Completion!

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