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Week 1

Read Activity: Read Together!
Together with your child read at least one new non-fiction book per day. Free online books in English for children here.

Movement & Coordination Activity: Obstacle Course
Make an obstacle course in your home or front yard. Station 1) Use cushions for something over which to jump. Station 2) Use the hallway or sidewalk to run down. Then hop back down the same way on one foot. Station 3) Then make a name writing station. Station 4) Make a scissor cutting station. Time each child as he or she makes their way through the course. The best time gets a banana!


Reasoning Activity: Question Game
With your child, play the question game. Write an animal, plant, object, or event on a paper. Hide what you write. Allow your child to ask questions. Questions could be, but not limited to… What color is the item? What could I invent to help catch, stop, or change this event object, plant, or animal?


Emotions Activity: Guess that Emotion
Click here to watch the following emotion and try to guess each emotion before the video reveals what the name of the emotion is.


Self-Awareness Activity: I like…
With your child, help them make a list of games, books, movies, video games, cartoons that interest them.


Write Activity: Story Pictures
Have your child draw three pictures for a story he or she creates. Draw one picture for the beginning of the story. Draw one picture for the middle of the story. Finally, draw one picture for the ending of the story. Have your child write his or her name at the top of each picture.


Count Activity: 1-20
With your child, draw a number from 1-20 on a paper. Say the number. Have your child draw and say each number with crayons on paper or with chalk on the sidewalk outside for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.


Health & Hygiene Activity: Wash Your Hands!
With your child, demonstrate how and when to wash one’s hands- before eating, after a bathroom visit, after coming back in from outside. 1) Get hands wet with warm water 2) Soap hands 3) Lather hands for 30 seconds by rubbing all over and in between fingers. 4) Rinse


Relationships Activity: My Heart
With your child, draw a heart on a piece of paper and cut it out. Inside the heart make a list of ways they can be a friend in the classroom or at home.


Behavior Activity: Rules?
With your child, write the simple steps of any rules that you have for your family. For example, if the rule is to wear your seatbelt, write the steps necessary to follow the rule. This can be done with any rule.

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Week 2

Read Activity: Problem/Solutions Chart
Together with your child, create a problem/solution chart for each fiction book you read. Or, create a main idea/detail chart for each nonfiction book you read. For the problem/solution chart, list the problem in the story and how it was solved. For the main idea/detail chart, list the topic of the story as the main idea. Additionally, list six details the book mentions about the main activity.


Movement & Coordination Activity: Time to Dance!
Dance along with each dance video. Learn the moves to each song. Song #1 | Song #2


Reasoning Activity: Pros and Cons
Use these videos to learn about looking at pros and cons before making a decision or choosing.
Decisions Can Be HARD! | FUZZABOOM (Kids Puppet Show)
Cookie Choosing | Sesame Street


Emotions Activity: Express your Emotions!
With your child, make a list of things one can do to help one deal with or healthfully express emotions when one experiences each emotion.


Self-Awareness Activity: My Strengths
With your child, make a list of five personal strengths and five personal weaknesses that they have. Identify 3 ways they can use their strengths. Identify 3 ways to improve weaknesses.


Write Activity: Scholastic Story Starter
Click here to use the Scholastic Story Starter to help start telling a story.


Count Activity: Numbers Song
Sing and dance to this video about numbers 1-20.


Health & Hygiene Activity: Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge
Wash your hands using this song… Wash your hands with Baby Shark


Relationships Activity: Be Patient
With your child intentionally put them at the end of the line for lunch or other activity. Remind them to be patient and wait for their turn.


Behavior Activity: You are King/Queen!
Make a list of 10 rules you would have if you were king/queen of the world. 

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Parents: Together with your child, take this 3-question quiz after completing your activities to receive your child’s own Road to Readiness Certificate of Completion!

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