When school goes virtual, Fort Worth goes to our students.

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Mayor Price refers to Fort Worth as a “community of front porches” – that statement will never be truer than this summer in Fort Worth!

In summer 2020, home visit experts will be teaming up with Fort Worth ISD to meet students and families where they are – in neighborhoods and homes (or, front porches!).

To achieve their full academic potential, students’ and families’ basic and psychological needs must first be met. Fort Worth ISD staff and social worker “buddies” will meet with families in the Dunbar, Eastern Hills, Poly, and O.D. Wyatt pyramids to connect students and families to tangible instructional materials, basic needs support, and social-emotional resources. Child Care Associates will also be conducting porch visits with their local pre-K families. Teams in matching t-shirts will bring backpacks stuffed with instructional materials, fun toys, and “Top 10 Lists” of readiness skills for students in pre-K through 3rd grade.

 Together, we plan to reach 1,318 families across Fort Worth this summer.

Neighborhood Champion

Person &/or organizations who give Porch Visits credibility in the neighborhood

Fort Worth ISD staff

Friendly face on each porch visit of Fort Worth ISD to introduce family to instructional opportunities available this summer

Social Worker “Buddy”

Friendly face on each porch visit to ask families key questions to gauge their physical and mental health and gaps in family and students resources – making connections to resources when needed

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