COVID-19 Local Workforce Connector Platform

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting our local employers in many ways – some industries and businesses are facing unprecedented hiring needs, while others are forced to furlough or significantly cutback their workforce due to the volatile economic environment.

Directions: Complete the following 2-minute confidential survey regarding your workforce needs during the COVID-19 crisis to be connected with local workforce opportunities.

Due to COVID-19

I have immediate hiring needs I have to reduce my workforce


Local Connector Partners

The Best Place for Working Parents® team is dedicated to serving as a central connecting point and resource to help expedite solutions for business leaders who are facing workforce challenges directly related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Workforce Connector Platform In Response To COVID-19

By filling out the short, confidential survey above regarding your business’s current circumstances and needs, we will work to “match” you with inter-industry workforce opportunities to help:

  1. Meet your emergency employment/workforce needs more quickly and efficiently,
  2. Maximize our local workforce talent by redeploying recently unemployed or furloughed employees into other high-demand jobs during this crisis, and
  3. Reduce the number of unemployed workers in our community while providing a resource that business leaders can share with employees if they are forced to reduce their workforce during this time.


Finance & Insurance

Food Service

Engineering & Technology

Manual Labor/Transport