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5 key elements to look for when choosing a
child care center.

Finding a child care provider that you can trust your children with for any amount of time, whether it be full time or part-time, can be a confusing and frustrating process. Visit the link below for a list of child care centers we trust.

5 Elements of Quality

What to look for when choosing a child care center

Classroom Atmosphere and Design:

A classroom that’s conducive to learning should feel joyful and friendly and be designed around clear focus areas, called centers, that offer a variety of activities.

Discipline and Social-Emotional Development:

Preschools should help children understand their feelings and interact with their peers.


Teachers should guide academic growth, model classroom behavior, and offer tools for children dealing with strong feelings


Children should learn fundamental academic skills in reading, math, science and social studies through discovery and creative activities.


Students should not be at undue physical risk while at preschool.