The Policy: Best Place Designation

Case Study: Satori Capital

Applying the philosophy of conscious capitalism to private equity and alternative investments, Fort Worth-based Satori Capital’s purpose is to create, fund, and inspire businesses that elevate humanity.




Satori Capital has been recognized nationally and locally as a “Best Company to Work For” thanks to the firm's continual efforts to support the “whole employee.” Satori's Optimal Living Program provides resources and benefits designed to promote the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its team members.

The Policy: Optimal Living

  • Satori’s Optimal Living Program helps team members pursue a fulfilling life inside and outside the office by providing flexible hours and work-from-home capabilities as well as 25 days of paid time off annually. In addition, Satori’s offices close for all major holidays, including the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and even the Monday after the Super Bowl (Super Monday).
  • The Optimal Living program encompasses a host of additional benefits for team members, including chef-prepared daily healthy lunches, a weekly on-site chiropractor and health adviser, bi-weekly chair massages, and a yearly $1,000 allowance per employee for gym memberships or other health and fitness-related purchases.
  • Satori team members also meditate together before meetings, participate in “Satori Serves” charitable activities, and celebrate at the firm’s annual “Gratitude Dinner” and other outings at which family members are welcome.
  • Satori recently launched a pilot program that will offer team members back-up child care and assistance with family errands, giving them valuable time back that they can spend with their families.

The Impact

Satori believes that inspired, valued, and supported employees are a foundational part of its success, and it strives to create and sustain a world-class culture that helps all employees thrive.  In a recent anonymous survey, team members commented that Satori had created a, “relaxed and joyful office environment where employees genuinely enjoy working together” and that the firm offers, “a great deal of flexibility, great benefits and perks, and a genuine commitment to employees’ well-being”. A recent hire sought out Satori Capital specifically because the company had been named a “Best Place to Work”.

Employee Feedback

“We know that potential employees are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing them; in fact, we recently hired someone who sought us out specifically because we had been named a ‘Best Place to Work.’ It is a competitive environment, and our goal is to hire only the best, so we are dedicated to continuing to provide value to employees, particularly as they seek that critical work-life balance.” – Cami Miller, Director of Stakeholder Experience

“We understand that by helping team members in all aspects of their lives, we are enabling them to be more focused and productive at work – while also allowing them the space to be more present and enjoy their families when they are at home, as well.” – Willie Houston, Chief Financial Officer

“We expect a lot of our team members and we deeply value them personally and professionally, which is why we employ a comprehensive approach to supporting their well-being. We know that if our team members are happy and healthy, they perform better and enjoy their work and lives more. As such, we are dedicated to finding creative ways to help our employees live their best lives – whether it’s providing child care for them, offering flexible hours, or something as simple as delivering dry cleaning to the office – so they can use their free time to be with family, take care of themselves, and live the lives they deserve.”

Randy Eisenman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Satori Capital

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Satori family fun day at Topgolf (May 2019)

Bring your kids to work day (Aug 2018)

A team member’s family enjoying one of the office Lovesacs

Satori team members volunteering at the Tarrant Area Food Bank as part of the “Satori Serves” program