The Policy: Healthcare

Case Study: Child Care Associates

Child Care associates (CCA) is one of the largest child development agencies in the state of Texas that provides child care and early education to over 2,400 children (aged from 6-months to 4 years old) through Early Head Start and Head Start.




For an agency that seeks to impact the trajectory of young children through quality early education within their classrooms, Child Care Associates’ sees firsthand the multi-fold stability that comes for families with young children who have access to quality healthcare options/insurance. In the industry of child care, health care benefits are not the norm. In an attempt to provide greater stability for their employees, and specifically their dependents, CCA offers competitive rates for medical, dental and vision.

The Policy: Healthcare (Dental, Medical, Vision)

  • All employees can access healthcare benefits with these benefits extending to their dependents.
  • CCA offers a competitive benefits package for all full-time employees, including health, dental and life insurance coverage.
  • First costs associated with each healthcare offering include: medical cost for employee only is $30 a month for the Base Plan with wellness credit, and Free Dental (DHMO) and Vision as low as $6.80 a month.
  • Benefits available for CCA part-time employees that work a minimum of 30 hours a week.
  • CCA benefits effective the 1st following 60-days of employment.

The Impact

Child Care Associates know firsthand the positive impact that employee healthcare benefits can bring to the stability for a household with young children. Child Care Associates offers its employees a menu of healthcare benefits that extend to their dependents. At incredibly competitive rates, employees who are working parents have peace of mind that their dependents are supported with healthcare offerings. Child Care Associates also offers lower premium rates to employees who complete a minimum of three (3) wellness initiatives throughout the year. The wellness initiatives can consist of completing a biometric screening, getting a flu-shot or participating in an outside activity (i.e. gym membership, walking club or weight management class). The impact on these wellness initiatives allows for a more productive work environment and it improves employee morale.

Employee Feedback

As an employee, to know my family has access to reasonably priced medical care offset by my employer, I feel supported as if we are each a part of a larger team that cares about me and my family.

It’s rare to offer paid health insurance in the field of child care, but I have never worked for a company that offers medical care to not only their employees but also their dependents… I hope to never leave!

It’s wonderful to work for a company that lives out its values and supports me, a working mom, with a tangible benefit like really competitive healthcare for me and my son!

“Child Care Associates is one of the largest child development agencies providing child care and early education in Texas. However, in trying to live out our values, we realized that we needed to have more family-friendly policies including health care options for whole families and paid parental leave upon the birth or adoption of a child. Providing family-centered solutions goes hand-in-hand with our mission but it also has proved to be a good HR decision.”

Kara Waddell, Child Care Associates CEO

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